Renowned for his high fitness level and focus, the former S.A.S man is best known as TV's extreme trainer and presenter off The Biggest Loser.

He regularly contributes to topical physical and mental training issues in the media.

Rob continues to train a wide range of clients from Sports Professionals to the overweight. His techniques, methods and styles are different to the norm, this is what sets him apart and his results speak for themselves -  a contestant on his team currently holds the highest ever % weight loss in the history of UK's The Biggest Loser. More recently one of his professional athletes has broken a world record in his field.

A great public speaker, experienced and confident at commanding large groups under high pressure and under difficult circumstances. He often provides motivational speaking and corporate courses working on mental aspects as much as the physical.

A great lover of the outdoors and extreme sports, over the years he has done many weird and wonderful things from Parachuting, Scuba Diving, Survival Swimming, to MMA and Drag Hunting (being hunted in winter by a pack of dogs and huntsmen on horses for up to half a day in open countryside).

He contiues to keep himself in excellent shape and ready for new challenges.